I specialize in crafting a holistic view of the educational and occupational terrains, transforming data into insightful visual narratives.


  • Data Mapping: I adeptly combine datasets, including educational data, survey outcomes, and ONet data, to offer a wide-ranging analysis.

  • Profiling & Clustering: Regularly constructing occupation profiles based on shared attributes, I unveil patterns and connections, opening insights into career progressions and requisite skill sets.

  • Diversity Analysis: I prioritize understanding the impact of race and gender disparities, probing into metrics like degree distribution, employment rates, and wages across varied demographic groups, aiming to spotlight and address inequalities.

  • Metrics & Comparisons: Using key metrics from degree counts to employment rates, I gauge trends, pinpoint disparities, and extract insights to enlighten the interplay between education, employment, and occupational shifts.

  • Data Visualization: Proficient in translating complex educational and occupational data into compelling visual narratives, supported by skills in data integration, profiling, clustering, and diverse analysis.